Be the Leader of Your Life

Be the Leader of Your Own Life - Editor's Note

Follow your own lead, and do not allow yourself to be controlled by other people’s narratives. Yes, there’s a lot going on in the world today. The ways in which we normally live our lives are being disrupted. People are losing their jobs; many are also losing their family members and loved ones to illnesses related to Covid-19 and other diseases. Racial injustice is being called out almost daily, in efforts to bring about a much needed change- although in a way that seems to be divisive at times to many- further threatening the race relations between different ethnic groups in society. And yet, when you think about it, the truth of the matter is, these issues have been going on in the world since before we were born. But today, each crisis is definitely hitting more close to home, personally impacting all of us in different ways. 

The government issued shutdowns on businesses and social distancing regulations also makes this particular crisis we face most unique for our generation at this time. Again, the issues of unemployment, business closures, contagious illnesses, disease, death, and discrimination have always impacted the whole of society. The difference is, due to the disruption of our normal daily routines, that we are all now being forced to acknowledge and give considerable focus to how these problems are impacting our own lives and the lives of others with a deeper level of empathy, compassion, concern and understanding and a sincere desire for new and better, long-term solutions. What happens to others can happen to you too. This is the new reality we have awakened to (which has always been). So now, that we're being forced to acknowledge it- we must begin to take personal responsibility to change how we live our lives for the better. 



“...challenges bring the opportunity for change. And change brings the opportunity to do things a new way.” 

 -L. Irby, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve become disillusioned with the current systems and leadership in our society. This is why I believe that as we continue to move forward, whatever positive transformations that happen in the world must begin with you. Whatever new businesses, new ideas, new values, new organizations and new social or economic systems that are going to be established, must be established by you. 

As I’ve written before, challenges bring the opportunity for change. And change brings the opportunity to do things a new way, and hopefully in a better way than you did before. As the messages of hate and fear in the world seem to intensify, move forward re-creating your life anew, building from a more conscious foundation rooted in love, and a deeper level of understanding and a commitment to meaningful action.

Resist the normal tendency to act out of fear. Whatever decisions you make and actions you take to overcome the challenges before you- make sure that it’s consistent with a deeper purpose and the energy of peace and love. See this time as an opportunity to stop doing things that go against yourself and to stop trying to fit in with people and organizations that do not support the truth of who you are. 

You don’t have to compel yourself to follow any agenda that tries to convince you that you are powerless to change your own life for the better. Stop waiting for the world to change – and be the one to change first. Yes, it’s tough, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, but it must be done. The major changes that are so crucially needed in this world must always begin with you. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from this experience is that the old way of doing things in many areas of our lives is pretty much over, for now. It’s time for all of us to begin to do something greater, more meaningful, more stimulating and new.

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