The Path to Personal Growth

The Path to Personal Growth and Self-Care
The path to personal growth can be an empowering experience. But many times, we don't get on the path to personal or professional growth until something significant happens that impacts our lives in some unfavorable way. This is one of the many reasons why we are extending our mission to inform, inspire, and empower our readers through our new online learning community at VERGE Lifestyle Personal Growth Courses Online.


The fall/winter season is the perfect time to begin again, and start something new.

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As a bonus for signing up to the newsletter, you'll also receive a copy of my e-book checklist on "10 Empowering Outcomes You Experience After a Setback." This personal growth tool is being offered free to our newsletter subscribers. It serves as a reminder that setbacks present opportunities for growth. And based on our current social, political, and economic climate, I believe this checklist is something that we can all certainly relate to at this time. So, feel free to use it as an additional source for clarifying your goals and action plans whenever situations in life seem to get challenging.   
The fall/winter season is always the perfect time to begin again and start something new. Get on the path to reinventing your live and creating a life that you love by signing up to our personal growth newsletter today.
Photograph by Alisa Anton
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