3 Things to Love About Birkenstocks

Shearling Lined Birkenstocks

Birkenstock sandals and Boston clogs are very popular, and for good reasons. The footwear brand is associated with comfort and style. Many people love the style, the fit and the ergonomic design.

One of its prominent features is its curved foot bed that’s typically made of rubber and cork. Birkenstocks are engineered and designed to fit the human foot, supporting all three arches. Additional appeal comes from its casual aesthetics, including its unisex style. Both men and women can easily slip into a pair, during a warm or cool day.  

The Arosa Shearling ($165) is a perfect way to get cozy on cold winter evenings. It’s an envelope constructed sandal made from soft suede that provides fuller coverage and support. The shearling-lined footbed and straps also provide increased insulation and comfort. 

With the company’s dramatic growth in recent years, the iconic German footwear giant has plans to continuously boost innovation. It was recently announced that Birkenstock will be working with Centric Software to boost innovation by streamlining its creative development, production and marketing processes in order to better focus on meeting consumer needs, which includes reducing the time it takes to get its products into the market.

Centric Software provides innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods and home décor companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals. This includes working with retail brands to ensure quality is maintained in high volume production processes.

For more about Birkenstock and to shop the latest collection, visit: birkenstock.com.

Photograph by Centric Software

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