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Read VERGE Lifestyle & Urban Culture Magazine and Become Inspired! The women's lifestyle magazine about fashion, beauty, culture, wellness, and personal and professional empowerment. Download the latest issue.

VERGE is a lifestyle publication for women like you.


VERGE Lifestyle & Urban Culture Magazine

VERGE is a lifestyle magazine about fashion, beauty, culture, healthy living, and personal and professional empowerment.


VERGE is a print and digital lifestyle magazine for stylish women of color. VERGE promotes solution-focused feature articles to personally engage our readers with information related to their demanding lifestyles, diverse ideas, unique interests, and concerns.


VERGE magazine delivers an engaging mix of lifestyle, personal growth, and wellness features.

VERGE Lifestyle Online is a resource for like-minded women who want to live healthier and more empowered lives through our publications and online personal growth and professional development courses. Our feature articles and exclusive, in-depth profile interviews with various artists, entrepreneurs and other intriguing personalities will also inspire you to achieve your own personal best. 

Read VERGE and Become Inspired!


Editor-in-Chief and Publisher 
LaTonya Irby 


LT Media Communications & Publishing, LLC

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