Cold Weather Haircare Basics

Style and Beauty Tips for Cold Weather

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When you roll out of bed, tap your weather app and see that the current temperature is a single digit, it's hard to get pumped up about a cute winter hairstyle. Agreed—on a freezing cold winter day it's probably more important to stave off frostbite than worry about executing a perfect 'do. But neglecting your winter hairstyle entirely could be a mistake. This is the time of year when dry air, static-inducing hats and punishing weather can lead to locks that appear flat and frizzy.

Thankfully, it's easier than you think to endure the frigid months and transform your winter hairstyle from blah to bam! Here are three important winter haircare tips to consider, no matter how you do your hair, from the pros at Matrix.

Quench! Outdoors at this time of year, humidity is nonexistent. Inside, your heated air is as arid as the Sahara. The result? Bone-dry hair that becomes limp and lifeless. The solution? Be sure you're moisturizing like mad—drenching your hair in rich, hydrating shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and styling creams and oils. Another winter must? Weekly deep conditioning masques that infuse thirsty strands with big boosts of essential moisture. 

Polish! If you can keep your hair looking lustrous through the cold, shine-sucking, cold weather months, you're way ahead of the winter hairstyle hair game. To keep your strands polished and perky, head to the salon for regular trims to avoid frayed ends and for glossing treatments that will add moisture and seal in shine. At home, incorporate shine-enhancing serums, glosses and treatment oils into your styling routine to do away with the winter dulls.

Brighten! If you live in an area where winter hits hard, it's likely you will go many days each week without seeing much sunlight. And when the sun does shine, it's a much weaker version of its robust summer self. Without light, your hair has nothing to reflect, which means it may appear darker and duller than normal. Hair color to the rescue! Talk to your stylist about lightening up your hue a shade or two or adding some highlights. Another way to fool the darkness is to incorporate some warmer tones in your color— golden and copper shades are more reflective and therefore appear lighter than cool or ash shades.  

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Source: Matrix Professional Haircare Company - Photograph by Ferruccio Dall'Aglio

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