Natural Anti-Aging Tips for Healthier Looking Skin

Natural Anti-Aging Tips for Healthier Skin

by Harold Irby | Personal Trainer

As much as we all may want to, we can’t turn back the hands of time. This can be frustrating as the signs of aging begin to set in. 

But the good news is that by adding a few of these anti-aging tweaks and habits to your routine it’s quite possible to look younger, healthier and more vibrant than ever before.  

Anti-Aging Habit #1 - Daily Sunscreen. Studies continue to prove that people who protect their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays look younger than those who skip sunscreen. Apply SPF 30 to your face every morning to reap the benefits of this simple age-defying habit. 

Anti-Aging Habit #2 - Lotion Your Hands. Since the skin on the backs of our hands are naturally thin, it becomes increasingly important to apply moisturizer here as you age in order to prevent wrinkles and dryness. Rub some of the SPF 30 that you apply to your face each morning to the backs of your hands to keep them supple and smooth.

Anti-Aging Habit #3 - Eat Less Sodium. When it comes to keeping your skin looking bright, tight and young, sodium is your worst enemy. Salty foods cause your skin to become puffy and bloated, and increase the bags under your eyes. Avoid eating sodium rich foods and you'll instantly look younger! 


Natural Ways to Get Younger Looking Skin


Anti-Aging Habit #4 - Get Enough Sleep. If you want to look younger and healthier then resist the urge to stay up late. Getting plenty of sleep, 7-9 hours each night, is key for allowing your body to produce the ideal levels of estrogen and progesterone, hormones that boost your skin’s natural repair mechanisms and promote a healthy complexion. 

Anti-Aging Habit #5 - Exercise Daily. Exercise improves your circulation, which has a number of age reducing payoffs. Healthy circulation helps your skin to look its best and even reduces puffiness and bags under your eyes. 

Exercise also increases muscle tone, which improves your metabolism and helps you burn fat, and look slimmer and younger.  

Anti-Aging Habit #6 - Eat Your Greens. Getting a daily serving of greens (such as spinach, kale, or broccoli) is a simple way to brighten your complexion and fight aging. These dark greens are packed with carotenoids that contribute to healthy, perky skin. 

As a bonus, a daily dose of fiber rich greens will also promote fat loss – especially when you eat these greens instead of a calorie dense side, such as rice or potatoes. 


Harold Irby is a certified personal fitness trainer and Mr. Michigan body building champion with over 20 years of experience in weight training, body building, sport specific training and strength conditioning. Harold has worked with many professional, college and high school athletes as well as celebrities and business professionals seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle through his personal training and fitness center Xtreme Advantage

Photograph by Juliana Mayo (top) and Getty Images (bottom) 

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