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Think Outside the Box Webinar Series - The Modern Day Wife Founders VERGE Lifestyle Magazine Interview

Join global fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, actress and humanitarian Daphne Wayans, HGTV host Sangita Patel, and co-founder of skoah skincare Andrea Mundie on September 24, 2020 for the, “Think Outside the Box” virtual event series, “Short Term Goals, Long Term Dreams” workshop hosted by Modern Day Wife & Project YOU. Begins 6pm PST / 9pm EST 


With millions of people throughout the world experiencing critical changes in their personal lives and careers primarily due to Covid-19, learning to think outside the box is definitely the skill to master. For this reason, during this unprecedented time, The Modern Day Wife events founders are on a global mission to educate, empower and bring together women who are learning to manage and do it all through their unique and elegant networking events, featuring speakers who have experienced effective results that go beyond simply juggling to thriving.  

Whether you’re married or single and are looking to start a new career, launch a new business, or expand an existing one, this special webinar series is for you. The “Think Outside the Box” virtual event series hosted in collaboration with Project YOU is not only designed to motivate and inspire you, but it will also equip you with the knowledge, tools and resources that you need to help you recover from setbacks, overcome the challenges, and reinvent your life for better times ahead.

Check out the exclusive interview with Meagan Ayres and Meghan Fialkoff, founders of The Modern Day Wife networking events brand and the upcoming webinar series, “Think Outside the Box: Short Term Goals, Long Term Dreams” workshop in collaboration with Project YOU.  


VERGE Magazine: Tell us about your background.

Meagan Ayres: I am the Founder of Modern Day Wife and am from Vancouver, Canada. For the majority of my corporate career I was a Retail Buyer & Merchandiser of a high-end boutique with Fairmont Resorts & Hotels.

I’ve always had a passion for putting together creative events that combine aesthetics and entertainment. In 2016, I started my first networking events company Project YOU, which I sold in 2018 and have hosted over 100+ networking events. 

Meghan Fialkoff: I am the Co-Founder of Modern Day Wife. I’ve been a speaker and/or producer of more than 2000+ events. I am also a director of a New York nonprofit, actress, and an international traveler. I am a bicoastal lover and inquisitor of all things culture, glamour, beauty, wellness, fashion, and artistic living.


Meagan Ayres and Megan Fialkoff_The Modern Day Wife Founders_VERGE Lifestyle Magazine

Meagan Ayres, Founder (left); and Megan Fialkoff Co-Founder, The Modern Day Wife networking events brand 



How long have you been doing The Modern Day Wife networking events?

Meagan Ayres: I came up with the concept for The Modern Day Wife in 2018, but the brand did not come into fruition until the end of 2019. This is when we hosted our first networking brunch and in 2020 Meghan Fialkoff came on board and we have been expanding the brand at a fast rate ever since. 

What motivated you to start The Modern Day Wife networking events?

I started The Modern Day Wife as I myself was in a transitional phase in my life. I realized that there wasn’t an emerging lifestyle brand that is encouraging and helping women who are juggling to do it all – and giving them tools to pivot from “juggling” to “thriving.” Events for the woman who is looking to balance and have fun with her career, family, social life – being a partner, maybe she even has kids. For the lady who wants to do it all, learn tools from those with proven results and experience, and stay on-trend with important knowledge for her career, finances, family life, children and friends. So, I decided to create this community for this type of woman. 

I also wanted to have the ability to host co-ed community events that provide entertainment and education for couples or simply a co-ed social mixer.

Tell us about the upcoming webinar series, “Think Outside the Box.”

"Think Outside the Box" is an online workshop series where we have partnered with Project You to present three unique online events on September 24th, October 27th and November 19th.

All three of these online events will share a unique topic that inspires participants to really ‘Think Outside the Box’ in specific areas of their life. 


Think Outside the Box Webinar Event with Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff, Daphne Wayans, Sangita Patel and Andrea MundieThink Outside the Box Modern Day Wife Webinar Event Series -Short Term Goals Long Term Dreams


Why did you choose this particular panel of speakers for this series? (i.e. Rebecca Minkoff, Daphne Wayans, Sangita Patel and Andrea Mundie)

For this first series, the theme is ‘Long Term Dreams and Short Term Goals.’ It’s all about really helping this Modern Woman get back to thriving given the challenges she has had to overcome or face during the recent global pandemic. We chose these four expert speakers who have proven results and achieved tremendous success while managing many things at once -- including the ups and downs of life and business. They will share with us the strategies and systems that they utilize and how to put them into action and keep them thriving. 


"The conversations will be real -- talking about real issues and obstacles, this is what helps to motivate women to keep going and really creates a sense of community..."


How can thinking outside the box help all women become more successful- not just women entrepreneurs?

This event will really address goal setting and how this can help any woman to thrive in her career, home-life, relationships and life. We will be addressing all areas so that these women can be successful in whatever their main focus and purpose is. 

The conversations will be real -- talking about real issues and obstacles, this is what helps to motivate women to keep going and really creates a sense of community, we are excited for our speakers and segments to provide help and tools for the community of Modern Day Wife. 

What makes this webinar different from other similar online events?

Our online events are curated to provide education but also entertainment. Outside of our main celebrity panel event, we have designed our timeline so attendees really feel like they are a part of a live talk show. The evening kicks off with a pre-show that includes a LIVE DJ a cocktail making session and digital photo booth fun!  

During the event, attendees will hear from some of segment sponsors such as LA Style Magazine, XXV Beauty and Turnabout Luxury Resale. 

How can single women and moms benefit from your events?

What I love about our community is that it is inclusive. You don’t have to be in a relationship or married to attend. Our topics are relatable for anyone who is simply interested in learning about how to thrive in their life, career, home-life and relationships. Our speakers are often married or have been married so our guests are really learning from ladies or men who have learned how to handle these facets and on what did and didn’t work. 

We are an education platform for women who want to make it all go right and make a difference in their lives and communities. 

What can people expect to learn and come away with after attending this upcoming webinar series?

How to accomplish their goals in the next 3 months/12 months in their business and personal lives.

How to discover new opportunities.

How to take action and still obtain a result. 

How to find and develop the most strategic collaborations. 

How our speakers use goal-setting strategies to achieve success and bring an idea into fruition.

Learning our speakers’ goal-setting system, so they can duplicate it. 

All attendees will also receive a digital goal setting workbook. 

What recommendations do you have for anyone attending your upcoming webinar event series for the first time? 

Participate in the group chat. This is a great opportunity for making connections and getting yourself or your business seen by others. Bring a pen and paper to take notes! There will be so much good data to take away from this workshop. 

Lastly, be open to having fun -- our goal is to create a positive memory and atmosphere for all of our guests! 

How can people prepare to get the most out of this webinar event?

Set an intention for why you are attending -- for example, it could be to learn how to achieve your goals, expand your network by connecting in the group chat or overall to just feel inspired! Having an intention always makes it easier to show up fully present to the workshop and to leave with that one thing you wanted to get out of the event.  

Where can people go to sign-up and register for your upcoming “Think Outside the Box” webinar event series?

You can sign up by visiting our website at The Modern Day Wife and following the link that will take you to the ticket registration. 

Go to the following link to join: https://www.themoderndaywife.com/currentevents

You can also follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages where we are very active in promoting fun information about event.

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