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Define Your Eyes_Eyebrow and Eye Lash Makeup Solutions

If you're looking for a simple makeup solution for enhancing your eyes, WUNDER2 cosmetics offers an easy long-lasting fix. In 2015, leading beauty distributor KF Beauty launched WUNDER2 in the UK. Today, the award-winning brand continues to offer a unique range of high-performance, cruelty-free beauty products developed in the USA. WUNDER2 cosmetics provides women with instant and effective beauty solutions created with ground-breaking PermaFix technology, for a flawless finish that can be achieved in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their own home. 

Developed by leading scientists and supported by clinical studies, the WUNDER2 range includes hero product, WunderBrow Eyebrow Gel ($22). Available in four natural shades (in addition to jet black), WunderBrow is designed to help women achieve a natural, full brow without resorting to more extreme and expensive solutions such as tattooing.

Define Your Eyes_Natural Looking Eyebrows

WunderBrow offers a one-step brow solution, using an exclusive Hair Fiber Complex and a unique, patented PermaFix Technology to provide the perfect brows in under two minutes. Water-proof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof, WunderBrow helps women to easily fill, define and shape their eyebrows with natural looking color that lasts for days until they choose to take it off.


Wunder2 Eyebrow Gel_Long-Lasting Smudge-proof Beauty Cosmetics


Another eye defining beauty enhancer included in the range is the unique WunderExtensions ($22), a lash extension and volumizing mascara featuring Dual Formula Technology for perfectly defined and significantly longer lashes, clinically proven to last for up to three days.

WunderExtensions also features two separate formulas with distinct functions, combining volume and hydration, with 3-dimensional lash extension fibers for a flawless, smudge-proof and flake-proof finish. 

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