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H&M Studio Collection The Refined Rebel AW 2020

Everyone seems to be dressing down these days. In this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, whether going to work, at home or just out and about running errands, it seems that our natural tendency is to default to wearing workout clothes, leggings, sweats and other forms of athleisure wear. For the most part, it’s convenient because it gives us more time to focus on all the other issues impacting our lives. Yet even during these unpredictable times, many of us still understand the need to have feel-good fashion pieces that are not only comfortable, but that also resonate with our new lifestyles, our new budgets and our ever-changing moods. 

Fortunately, for those of us who are intent on resisting the impulse to default to wearing workout clothes and other athleisure wear day after day, H&M has launched a new autumn winter collection offering more stylish ideas for how to dress casually as we attempt to re-create a new rhythm in our lives that defines our individual outlook and supports our own particular brand of the 'new normal' lifestyle.  

Inspired by those with a sense of style that’s as daring as their attitudes, the H&M AW20 collection is themed, “The Refined Rebel.” The exclusive limited-edition collection is described as having notes of 70s rock, disco and punk, offering an interchangeable mix of party-anywhere pieces with tailored separates.  


“The AW20 Studio collection muse is not afraid to challenge the status quo. This collection is for those that celebrate being oneself above all else. We hope our customers feel inspired to dress with a carefree, rebellious attitude.” 

- Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M -  


These looks worn by model Irina Shayk, and actresses Sasha Lane and Jameela Jamil share all the must-have traits of being timeless, casual and comfy with a unique flair that appears bold and effortless. You can also check out more fashion pieces at: hm.com


Irina Shayk H&M Autumn Winter Studio Collection 2020

Model Irina Shayk wearing glittery shirt and pants ensemble in rustic red with green padded leather sandals. (H&M Studio Collection AW20) 


Glittery Shirt H&M Studio Collection AW 2020
Glittery Metallic Soft Jersey Shirt with Pointed Collar in Rustic Red - ($69.99 at H&M)  
Glittery Pants H&M Studio Collection AW 2020
Flared Pants in Thick Jersey with Glittery Metallic Threads - ($79.99 at H&M) 
Green Padded Leather Sandals H&M Studio Collection AW 2020
Green Padded Leather Sandals with Square Toes - ($129 at H&M)



Sasha Lane in glittery shirt and leather pants H&M Studio Collection AW 20

Sasha Lane is all masked up wearing red leather pants for a casual style with more edge. (H&M Studio Collection AW20) 

____________________________   Wool Jersey Turtleneck Top H&M Studio Collection AW 20

 Patterned Wool Jersey Turtleneck Top - ($49.99 at H&M) 

Red Leather Pants H&M Studio Collection AW 20

 Red Straight-Cut Leather Pants - ($249 at H&M)



Jameela Jamil H&M Studio Collection AW 20

Jameela Jamil wearing super-wide wool-blend culottes and blazer with a hint of shimmer. (H&M Studio Collection AW20)  


 Shimmery Wool-blend Single-Breasted Blazer H&M Studio Collection AW 20 Flounced Organza Blouse H&M Studio Collection AW 20

Shimmery Wool-blend Single-Breasted Blazer and Flounced Organza Blouse - ($199 - $119 at H&M) 

 Wool-bend Culottes H&M Studio Collection AW 20 Oversized Leather Boots H&M Studio Collection AW 20

 Dressy Wool-blend Culottes and Black Oversized Leather Boots - ($129 - $249 at H&M)


Photographs by H&M 

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