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Power couple shares tips for staying in love_relationships

by L.J. Wright 

There is an undeniable richness and warmth to a well-seasoned relationship. It has an infectious vibe that exemplifies the raw and real beauty of true love. Some search for this kind of relationship their whole lives, while others build it. In any case, if you have been fortunate enough to have found someone that vows to rock with you forever, then how will you continue to keep the love alive in your marriage? 

Well, Midwest power couple, Kenyatta Tucker-Ibarisha and his wife Dr. Tamara Tucker- Ibarisha, (Ph.D.) have been navigating and refining the flow of their relationship for two decades. Growing from friends, to college sweethearts, to now being a married couple with two children, each of them also has a successful teaching career. Kenyatta is an AP Economics Teacher at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while Tamara is a Lecturer at Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College. Collectively they manage multiple business ventures including a growing Real Estate empire, and an educational consulting company. They also spearhead a community organization called Akoma Culture School and created the Akoma Portal, an online platform for anyone interested in connecting within the global Black Community. 

The dynamic duo was gracious enough to share a glimpse into their lives and some insight on their relationship, which lead to the following six tips that ANY couple can utilize to help develop a more passionate, purposeful and overall healthier relationship.  

1) Become Friends First 

Get to know each other before entering the dating phase. “We met in September of 1995,” recalls Kenyatta, “and we were friends for a while before we started dating.” Tamara interjects with a glowing giggle, “He didn’t start flirting until [the following] February.” Kenyatta believes it was January, when he began to put the dating vibes out there. But the point is, getting to know someone in the beginning lays a strong foundation to build on. It allows you to see how your values and goals align and strengthens your why (as in why you might consider a relationship with this person)…which flows right into the second tip.

Photograph by Philip de Villiers Steyn / Getty Images 

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