Luxe to Love by Nigel Curtiss

Ready-to-Wear Luxury Fashion Pieces by Nigel Curtiss

British designer Nigel Curtiss is expanding his creative innovations in custom clothing into designing luxury wardrobe essentials in ready-to-wear fashion. The new label contains everything from formal tailored pieces and custom suits to luxury loungewear and leather accessories. Curtiss believes that the clothes we wear should feel like a personal conversation between the customer and the brand- catering to those who want timeless, wearable pieces that feel custom-made just for them.  



“I want everything that is made to be worn and loved and kept and passed on to the next generation. This is not fast fashion; it’s arduous, passionate and beloved fashion.” – Nigel Curtiss


Check out the latest his and her designer pieces from the collection at: - modeled by real life couple Aiden Curtiss and boyfriend, Felix Prabitz.


Ready-to-Wear Designer Fashion Collection by Nigel Curtiss

  • Natural Stretch Two-Piece Wool Suit by Nigel Curtiss


Limited Edition Print Designer Suits by Nigel Curtiss

  • Limited-Edition Striped Wool Suit by Nigel Curtiss


Silk and Denim Luxury Fashion Pieces by Nigel Curtiss


  • Silk and Denim (on her): Women's Two Pleat Cotton Lightweight Baggy Denim Jean by Nigel Curtiss


Designer Suiting Pastel and Floral Print by Nigel Curtiss

  • Two-Piece Sharkskin Grey Suit (on her): Prince of Wales with Floral Embroidery Suit by Nigel Curtiss


Photography by Enga Purejav

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