The Basics of Power Dressing at Work

The Basics of Power Dressing at Work

“More than anything, it’s important to be you, and let your personal style speak for itself." -L. Irby, Editor

What makes how you dress as a professional look powerful? The color and style of a fashion piece combined with the personality of the individual has always been key- and so has the overall culture of the workplace.

Clothes have always been a major factor in how professional women in traditional office settings have expressed their personalities, credibility, and level of authority at work. However, for many women, this degree of self-expression has been severely limited by the structure and culture of their overall work environment. But as many companies begin to transition from being less rigid, structured and job-focused, and more flexible, dynamic and skills-focused, the old way of dressing for success is also changing. 

For instance, the conventional power suit is no longer the supreme symbol of what it means to be a professional with high-ranking authority. While this has especially been the case for many entrepreneurs and other business owners, this fashion reset is also becoming more common among other professionals, as well. 

Women today want to be able to express their own unique personal style without constraints and without apology. They want clothes that are more functional, and make them feel confident. They want quality, stylish pieces that provide comfort and flexibility, as they adjust to the new hybrid work model, shifting them from the office to home. 

This fashion roundup includes a list of my favorite picks. Each style, deemed as the new standout, statement power pieces to wear this fall, can be easily blended into your wardrobe. Think- luxe cashmere sweaters, printed tailored blazers, loafer pumps, tote-style clutches and hobo bags, shawl collar coats, and wide-leg jeans. All are sophisticated, neutral-colored, timeless pieces for building a new stylish foundation for a more versatile, updated and professional look.  


1/ The Power Suit

The New Power Suit for Fall

available at:

  • Classic Wool Scarf, Rag & Bone, ($225)
  • Eelise Check Double Breasted Blazer, Ted Baker London, ($550) 
  • Eelise High Waist Slim Flare Pants, Ted Baker London, ($295)


2/ Fashion Accessories

    Fall Fashion Accessories

    available at:

  • Hoop Earrings, Faris Glaon, ($125)
  • Beaumont Snake Embossed Leather Hobo Bag, Allsaints, ($349)
  • Elle Boot, Free People, ($198)


    3/ Statement Pieces

    Fall Statement Pieces for Power Dressing At Work

    available at:

    • Benitot Corduroy Wide Leg Pants, Ted Baker London, ($235)
    • Roller Ring, Madewell, ($26)
    • Cora Block Heel Penny Loafer, Coach, ($165)


    4/ Shift to Monochrome

    Monochrome Fashion Pieces for Power Dressing at Work 

    available at:

    • Ridley Funnel Neck Wool & Cashmere Sweater, Allsaints, ($259)
    • Wide Leg Flannel Pants, ($89)
    • Black Embossed Leather Clutch, ($895)


    5/ Office Casual

    Office Casual Power Dressing at Work  

    available at:

    • Visko Leopard Print Blazer, Zadig & Voltaire, ($698)
    • Le Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans, Frame, ($268)
    • Tery Leather Hobo Bag, Thacker, ($248)


    6/ Back to Basics

    Back to Basics  

    available at: 

    • Perforated Tan Tote, (available at:
    • Shoulder Button Recycled Wool Blend Sweater Vest, Ganni, ($195)
    • Jessa Horse Hardware Loafer Pump, Tory Burch, ($348)


    7/ Key Essentials

    Key Essentials for Fall Power Dressing for Work

    available at:


    • Plaid Shawl Collar Coat, Avec Les Filles, ($279)
    • The Director Leather Tote, Marc Jacobs, ($450)


    Photograph by Gabrielle Henderson

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